Tips for Coaching Young Players, by Steve Blount

A professional who resides in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Steve Blount spends a portion of his leisure time coaching various youth sports. Here, he describes a few pointers for coaching youngsters.

Tip One: Understand each player’s developmental stage. Adjust your style to suit their skill levels based on what is possible for their age group and their individual abilities.

Tip Two: Set reasonable goals for children to achieve. Goals can be set for a game, a series, or for a season. Ask players to think about their individual goals, as well.

Tip Three: Establish clear rules. Clearly communicate expectations about attendance, sportsmanship, and other requirements to children and their parents.

Tip Four: Offer a lot of praise. Verbally reinforce accomplishments with individual players and the entire team. This makes it easier for children to digest constructive criticism.

Tip Five: Analyze failure. As a team, talk about what went wrong and discuss ways the team, as a whole, can improve.

About Steve Blount: An award-winning financial planner, Mr. Blount coaches children through Buddy Ball Sports, LLC, a Lake Charles-area league for disadvantaged youth.