A Beginner’s Guide to Duck Hunting By Steve Blount of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Newcomers to duck hunting are often attracted to the pastime because it combines the thrill of shooting with the skills of duck calling and decoying. Before you hit the water, master the following tips.

1. Dress appropriately. A pair of neoprene waders keeps your legs warm and dry. Up top, wear a parka made from a windproof and waterproof material. If you are placing decoys, bring long, neoprene gloves. Also, ducks and other waterfowl can detect slight differences in color, so hunters need to choose clothing that provides camouflage appropriate to their surroundings.

2. Stay concealed. The camouflage-patterned clothing helps, but consider a duck blind as well. Temporary blinds, consisting of a large piece of camouflage-print material and a few stakes, are inexpensive and allow you to move location when the birds’ flight pattern changes. If you want to spend more, purchase a boat blind.

3. Practice identification. Abiding by duck-hunting regulations is important, and that means you must correctly identify them. Armed with binoculars and a bird book, you should study their shape, size, plumage, color patterns, and flocking behavior.

4. Master your calls. Ducks make a variety of vocal sounds ranging from low grunts to high-pitched whistles. Also, the female’s call may differ from that of a male.

5. Research decoys. They should match the species you are hunting, of course, but their placement should vary based on the species. A large number of decoys reassures the flock that it is safe to land.

About Steve Blount:
A financial planner specializing in retirement and estates, Steve Blount enjoys hunting near his home of Lake Charles, Louisiana, located on two major migration paths.


Jim Yarbrough Grows a Tradition of Success at Southeastern Louisiana University By Steve Blount

At Southeastern Louisiana University, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Yarbrough has led the Lions in six winning seasons. With 96 wins to date, his record is third in school history and his winning percentage of .527 is the best the school has seen. Under his leadership, the team has developed into one of Louisiana’s top Division I programs.

Since beginning as an eighth grade basketball coach 24 seasons ago, Yarbrough has taken great strides in his coaching career. He spent six highly successful years coaching at the College of Charleston, and then accepted his first head coaching job in 2000 at Valdosta State University. Yarbrough was subsequently appointed Southeastern’s head coach in June 2005.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Yarbrough graduated from Florida State University and is married with two children.

About the Author:
A sports enthusiast and graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University, Steve Blount of Lake Charles, Louisiana, serves as the current president of the Moss Bluff Recreational Basketball League. Additionally, he coaches youth teams and runs Buddy Ball Sports, LLC. Steve Blount is the owner of Professional Retirement Consultants, LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Hunting Activities Near Lake Charles, By Steve Blount

Lake Charles, Louisiana, offers a number of exciting hunting and fishing opportunities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. This is thanks in part to the town’s location in the state’s southwest corner between the Mississippi Flyway and the Central Flyway—two major migration paths for birds. Game bird hunters visit the lake to bag early teal, big ducks, and doves, among other species.

The area also offers a variety of lodging opportunities that specifically cater to the needs of hunters and fishermen. Many lodges provide guided tours and hunting expeditions in addition to hearty meals and accommodations that are near prime hunting locations.

Before embarking on any hunting excursion, Louisiana hunters should consult with the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, which requires licensure and certain permits to hunt. In most cases, hunters must complete an education and safety course in order to qualify for the necessary documentation to hunt or fish.

About Steve Blount

Lake Charles, Louisiana, resident Steve Blount owns Professional Retirement Consultants, LLC, a financial planning firm. In his leisure time, Mr. Blount enjoys hunting and fishing in Texas and Louisiana.

The Moss Bluff Recreation Basketball League

The Moss Bluff Recreation Basketball League began as result of a discussion between Steve Blount and his friends about the absence of a recreational league to serve the children of Lake Charles, Louisiana. After this discussion, the group of friends endeavored to provide that service by creating a nonprofit organization guided by a board of directors as well as current President, Steve Blount. The organization began four years ago with over 60 children but grew quickly to support a thriving community throughout the Lake Charles area.

This league includes a division called Buddy Basketball. The organization tailored this division to children with physical and mental challenges, allowing them to participate in athletics while in a safe and supportive environment. Buddy Basketball started with less than 15 participants but currently hosts nearly three times that number.

To browse the schedule for Moss Bluff Recreation Basketball League games, please visit www.mossbluffbasketball.com.