The NAIFA Launches a Micro-site Covering the Affordable Care Act

Lake Charles, Louisiana-based Steve Blount, a seasoned insurance professional, owns and operates PRC Professional Retirement Consultants, LLC, a full-service firm offering independent financial, tax, and business advice. At PRC, Steve Blount and his team offer a variety of insurance plans and estate conservation services for individuals and businesses. The author of The Spirit of Success, Mr. Blount actively served in the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

In August 2013, NAIFA rolled out a micro-website ( for health care insurance agents, brokers, and employees. The micro-site details the rules and regulations of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care, and examines how each component of the new law affects industry groups as well as consumers.

According to NAIFA executives, the new micro-site offers members and their clients background materials and information on specific areas of the law, such as insurance marketplaces and individual mandates, and helps them adapt to policy-related changes. Some NAIFA members refer their consumer clients to the website with any questions beyond their immediate expertise. Agents and brokers are also able to use the site to provide their clients with informed opinions on plan options and coverage types.


Hunting Activities Near Lake Charles, By Steve Blount

Lake Charles, Louisiana, offers a number of exciting hunting and fishing opportunities for outdoor sports enthusiasts. This is thanks in part to the town’s location in the state’s southwest corner between the Mississippi Flyway and the Central Flyway—two major migration paths for birds. Game bird hunters visit the lake to bag early teal, big ducks, and doves, among other species.

The area also offers a variety of lodging opportunities that specifically cater to the needs of hunters and fishermen. Many lodges provide guided tours and hunting expeditions in addition to hearty meals and accommodations that are near prime hunting locations.

Before embarking on any hunting excursion, Louisiana hunters should consult with the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, which requires licensure and certain permits to hunt. In most cases, hunters must complete an education and safety course in order to qualify for the necessary documentation to hunt or fish.

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