About Steve Blount, Lake Charles

A respected financial planning specialist, Steve Blount is the owner of Professional Retirement Consultants, LLC, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He works with individuals and businesses on estate and retirement planning, as well as general portfolio management. A 26-year veteran of the financial industry, Mr. Blount prides himself in operating as an award-winning agent. Some past honors that Steve Blount has received include recognition from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) as the Number-One Agent in the United States and the Outstanding Agent Award. Mr. Blount currently resides with his family in Lake Charles.

Residing in Lake Charles, Mr. Steve Blount participates in several community events in and around his hometown. Coaching children’s teams remains one of Mr. Blount’s passions. He participates with Buddy Ball Sports, LLC, a nonprofit group that helps children with developmental disabilities play sports like basketball, track, and soccer. He runs his own Buddy Ball Sports league as a coach and mentor.

In his leisure time, Steve Blount of Lake Charles also enjoys leading deer hunting and fishing expeditions in the Toledo Bend Reservoir region. He brings prospective hunters and anglers out to the prime areas and shows them the best places to catch fish and hunt deer during season. In addition to hunting and fishing for sport, Mr. Blount also leads the Moss Bluff Recreation Basketball League.

Several other organizations count Steve Blount of Lake Charles as a member. For instance, he serves as the current President of the Board of Trustees of a local Methodist church and a member of the Lions Club International. He is also affiliated with the Ducks Unlimited, which promotes the conservation of waterfowl habitats across North America.

Steve Blount of Lake Charles has many strong community ties with other charity organizations. He is committed to supporting his favorite groups and ensuring that his clients are financially prepared for the future.