Steve Blount’s Tips for Amateur Duck Hunters

A resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Steve Blount enjoys fishing and hunting. Steve Blount regularly hunts both deer and duck, often serving as a guide to individuals in the greater Lake Charles area. Here are some of his tips for people who are new to duck hunting:

1. Find an experienced hunter as a mentor. This is the best way to learn about migration patterns and feeding behavior. Also, a mentor can ensure that novices are licensed and have all the proper equipment.

2. Master bird calls as quickly as possible. This task may seem overwhelming at first, but novices need only learn a few calls that will be used regularly in the area where the novice will hunt.

3. Wear camouflage from head to toe. Ducks see colors more vibrantly than humans, so it is important for hunters to blend into their surroundings really well.

4. Invest in quality decoys and learn how to deploy them properly. Hunters use different formations to attract different types of waterfowl. Also, many hunters believe that more is better in terms of decoys. When birds see more decoys, the birds will feel that it is safer for them to land.


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