Steve Blount on Louisiana 200 Years Ago

2012 marks the 200 year anniversary since Louisiana qualified for American statehood. As the state celebrates this momentous occasion with a variety of festivals and parades, a look back at Louisiana’s 1812 beginnings provides an enormous insight into the state’s unique history and culture.
The territory was purchased in 1803 and subdivided in 1804. From 1812 it was governed by William C. C. Claiborne. The area was defined by a number of cities, all of which today are of major importance to the development of Louisiana. Most notably, New Orleans was the largest city in the South, and remains an important export destination for the Mississippi Valley. Lake Charles was not established until much later in Louisiana’s history, with a founding date of 1861. It flourished with a strong petrochemical industry in the 1900s.

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Louisiana Bicentennial 2012

Along with colonial settlers, a number of Native American nations inhabited the Louisiana region in 1812 and beyond. With rapid economic development through the agriculture, finance and trade industries, Louisiana quickly established itself as a financial and trade hub, and benefited from the production of both cotton and sugar.

About the author: A highly respected financial advisor and estate planner, Steve Blount is a Lake Charles resident in Louisiana. With 25 years of experience in finance, Steve Blount is the owner of Professional Retirement Consultants, LLC, based in Lake Charles.


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